The DC Chess Collection is a new fortnightly series offering the
comic fan and chess lover alike the chance to collect fantastic and
unique chess pieces, vivid representations of some of DC’s greatest
characters. Each chess piece is accompanied by a fascinating
magazine featuring superb DC artwork plus vital chess tips.

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This top-quality binder
will keep your magazines
in pristine condition.
It holds up to 16 issues.

This official chessboard
was specially designed for
the collection. It's the perfect
way to display your DC Chess

collection – a glorious centrepiece
to any room.

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Get the set!

The DC Chess
Batman set
pits the Dark
Knight and his
allies against
the twisted
agents of crime
by the joker.

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When you subscribe to DC Chess Collection
you’ll receive 2 issues per month direct to
your door. Each issue comes with an
exceptional figurine and an in-depth, highly
illustrated magazine. Every metallic resin
figurine has been hand painted to
the highest quality and has been
approved by DC Comic's New
York office.

This is an official collection,
under licence from DC Comics.

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